Techline Nutrition

Since 1984, Techline has been raising the bar. From the highest manufacturing standards in the industry to clean, healthy supplements, Techline has been providing “fuel for the active lifestyle.” Born from endurance athletes in Oregon, the Techline brand was established on the premise of providing high quality products to those who live an active lifestyle.
Currently you can find Techline products all across the United States. It is no wonder why because our broad product offering allows an active individual to supplement their lifestyle. From Joint Defense to PROvision6, there is a product for nearly every need. While we continue to grow the Techline brand, we want to hear from you. As an active individual what supplement needs must you fill?

Manufacturing Process

Every Techline product is produced using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant facilities. All facilities are located within the United States and manufactured locally in the Pacific Northwest. We source only the highest quality ingredients. In fact, many of our products are marked with leading industry standard for quality ingredient marks such as Creapure in Creatine Monohydrate. Rest assured that our products are 100% guaranteed.
Each raw material undergoes strict testing before it is allowed to become part of the Techline family. All vendors must provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each raw material they provide. Once these materials arrive, they undergo an additional level of testing. They are tested for micros and heavy metals while also verifying the purity and potency of the active ingredients. This ensures that you are receiving what we stamp on our label; HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS.

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