Pyro Brands- pHire H2O

Electrolyte enhanced purified water alkalized to supplement performance and recovery. Our select ratios of bioavailable electrolytes and low hydrogen ion water create a robust synergy for ultimate hydration and Pure Hydro Recovery™

pHire H2O is ultra purified water enhanced with an optimal blend of electrolytes and alkalinity of pH 10 +/-. No sweeteners and no flavors added. A proprietary performance blend formulated to accelerate recovery and cellular hydration without the additives of sports drinks.

Bioavailable Electrolytes
These are key minerals in your body that are lost when you sweat. They affect hydration, the acidity of your blood (pH), and muscle function. Too few electrolytes can also cause the body to cramp.

Body pH & Alkalinity
Muscle cells are hard at work when you exercise. This exertion results in a byproduct of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism that lowers blood pH. During muscle activity, accumulation of lactic acid and CO2 will reduce cellular pH due to acid efflux from the muscle cells.

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