We are Jennifer and Dave Bacon, founders of FlapJacked. Since we've been married, we have been an active family, we watch what we eat, and take care of our ourselves and our five children. We make healthy choices and sacrifices with the exception of our 12-year old son, Jace, who has Autism. His diet had consisted of products produced with ingredients that we weren't exactly proud of, but sometimes, getting him to eat at all is a fight.

This constant struggle with Jace encouraged us to change the eating habits of our entire family. Because we loved pancakes and couldn't find a healthy, protein-packed pancake mix on the market that we were happy with (and would feed our children), we developed a healthy, easy to prepare (just add water!) pancake mix that's perfect for active people with busy lifestyles, just like ours.

Jennifer and David Bacon founded the company based on the premise that healthy meals should not only fuel our bodies but also taste great. FlapJacked is perfectly balanced to fuel your body and help control hunger. Our delicious, protein-packed products are made with only the highest quality ingredients, such as whole grain oats and coconut flour, to provide your body with the essentials it needs to stay healthy and feel great. FlapJacked protein-packed products are made with pure ingredients containing no preservatives, no artificial color, no artificial flavoring or no artificial ANYTHING!

Meet our fun, delightful and sometimes crazy family. Our family is a melting pot full of challenges that we hurdle daily. Our five children are the inspiration, not only for our original pancake mix formula, but the passion and personality behind the FlapJacked brand. Josie and Ellie are artistic twins. Owen is a very active, non-stop, vibrant and animated little boy who loves all things sports. Jace has Autism (no need to say more). Jett, our first teenager of the house has Epilepsy. Each individual and each very special to our cause.
Our children have; inspired our flavors (they were our relentless taste-testers); Inspired a child-like touch to our graphics (they were our chalk artists); Inspired our Identity through their playfulness (the 5 silhouettes represent each of them); and inspired our product reflection (they were the photographers "little shooters" behind product & packaging images as well as continued photography efforts).

Lastly, our children have given us the drive and strength through their ever-changing of minds, their passion, and their individualism. We are all unique, but we all strive for a common ground... great-tasting, nutritionally-balanced mixes that can be used to make quick and easy meals!

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